Gift Review: Big Red Button USB Rage Relief

Gift Review: Big Red Button USB Rage Relief


Working late because of someone else’s fault? I.T.’s delays pushed your back to the wall? Or is it just your boss who decided to be Hitler’s reincarnation for one day? A simple stress ball won’t cut it. What you need is a rage relief button that blows all your anger and stress to the water. What you need is a Big Red Button.


There’s no better relief than smacking the hell out of this nuclear launcher-inspired red button. The Big Red Button is a USB Rage Relief gizmo that channels your anger into something else – nuking your computer screen, perhaps? Pushing your Big Red Button pulls up a set reaction on your screen, it can be any one of the following, depending on how you set it:

–          Pull up a photo of someone you’d want to punch straight in the nose (Punch Up)

–          Covering your screen with apocalyptic explosions (Boom)

–          A feature that advises you to chill out (Take-a-break)

–          Display an entire spreadsheet on your screen to get your boss to think you’re busy (Boss Key)

–          Visit your favourite website

The Big Red Button’s function is to distract you from your office rage before you break something, or worse, get fired. The USB-powered Rage Relief device is a healthy way to release pent-up aggression in a fairly comical way. Imagine smacking your Big Red Button at the height of your outrage and suddenly seeing your screen go down Armageddon style. The Big Red Button is for every stressed office worker who doesn’t have a healthy outlet for repressed anger.


The Big Red Button is built to take a pounding. Granted that it’s built for Rage Relief, the button itself is designed to take up much of that rage. Not only that; the button itself is enclosed in a clear plastic cover which you need to flip upwards before you can get to the button – much like what you see in the movies when launching a missile.

The Big Red Button is a one-of-a-kind gift that would definitely take care of anyone’s rage. It may just be a button, but it’s an extremely effective and entertaining device that comes cheaper than therapy.

Product Specifications:

–          Requires Windows and at least a USB 2.0 port

–          Choose Punch Up, I’m Working, Webkey, Boom, or Take-a_break

–          The button measures 5.3cm wide, 7.3cm in length, and 3.6 in height

Smack your stress away with the Big Red Button USB-powered Rage relief agent and maintain your office composure.